Why use us?



Vetted Contract Builders -  We always vet our contractors thoroughly to ensure our clients receive top quality service.


Control - Our experienced Maintenance and Repairs Manager has 9 years experience which enables us to ensure cost is appropriate for the works undertaken. You will receive value for money. 


Proactive Maintenance - Our full range of management specifications from lift servicing through to drainage clearance ensure your property is proactively maintained.


Management Accounts - Provide a secure client area with fully itemised property expenditures invoice level.


Review of all Contractors - All Contractors are ranked by our staff after they are used. In order to use contractors again they have to maintain a certain level of service.


Value for Money and Fairness of Charges - No percentage fees. If you would like to discuss our fee structures we welcome the opportunity to do so.


Professional Indemnity - Up to £1million per claim. This cover ensures your processes are diligent and your monies are kept safe.


Kingston Automated Banking System - Collection of monies from lessees with direct debit and payment of contractors using direct credit so your liabilities are minimised and bills paid promptly, allowing better terms with contractors.


Dedicated Client Account Representative - We have a dedicated client account executive available to attend annual meetings at our offices or at your clients site.


Regular Meetings with Block Directors - Dependant upon your needs, we meet with block directors once to four times per annum.


Insurance - Our brokers tender with multiple underwriters each year to ensure the best rate for your block. We help to keep individual claimants cost to a low level.


Excellent Communication - In most cases we will respond to email enquiries within 2 hours and telephone calls to our clients services direct.


Contractor Invoice Checking - Contractors can only add invoices against your property if the work has been authorised by you and by Kingston issuing work instruction. This prevents fraud by contractors submitting bogus invoices.


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