A Full Management Service  



Rent Values: We will research and provide advice on rental values.


Market your Property: Nationally and Locally through the nation’s most popular property portal Rightmove, Kingston website and local advertising.


Tenant Viewings: Our friendly staff are always on hand to conduct viewings at a time to suit you.


Reference Tenant: Find the most suitable tenant and carry out a diligent referencing process.


Tenancy Agreement: Your tenancy agreement will protect you and comply with the latest legislation.


Rent and Deposit: Your tenant will pay the deposit and first month's rent before moving into your property.


Deposit Held Safely: Deposit held in accordance with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) Approved Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme.


Inventory and Schedule of Condition: This provides crucial evidence of the condition of your property at commencement of the tenancy and is essential for resolving any disputes at the end of a tenancy.


Contacting Local Authorities and Utilities: We will endeavour to contact utility supplier companies and the Local Authority on occupation dates and meter reading to ensure accounts are accurate and paid by the outgoing tenant.


Receiving your rent: We will transfer your incoming rent to your account electronically within 5 working days.


Rent Renewal and Increase Negotiation: We provide at least 2 months notice when the tenancy period is coming to an end,  arrange for a rent renewal, advise of proposed rent increase if appropriate and make an adjustment for the monthly rent payments. We will also arrange the formal documentation for the renewal implementation process to take place. Conversely we will serve appropriate notice should you wish to take possession of your property.


Inventory and Check Out: We will arrange to visit the property at the end of a tenancy and carry out a thorough inspection and inventory. We will complete a full check of the property and its contents and compare this with the previous condition report and inventory. We will arrange for meter reading and collection of all keys.


Deposit Reconciliation: The deposit will be used to fund work required to the property and will be agreed between landlord and tenant. The cost will be applied in accordance with the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement. We will mediate any disputes.


Maintenance and Repairs: We will arrange for maintenance and repairs to be carried out by our local contractors and provide you with estimated costs. Once we have received authorisation from the landlord,  we will instruct the contractors to proceed.


Legal  Advice: We have access to legal experts who are on hand should the need apply.


Rental Arrears:  Should a tenant be in arrears we will advise you accordingly.


Insurance: Our brokers tender with multiple underwriters each year to obtain competitive and comprehensive rates for your property.



(Please note that the services listed above are for Full property management only).


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