What can Kingston do for you?


You will be joining like minded people - The Owners of Kingston are also landlords and like you own property locally in Northampton and the surrounding areas.


They have used other agents in the past and what makes Kingston unique is the fact that the staff at Kingston were hand picked based on the exceptional level of service they each provided for over a decade. All our team have a track record of providing outstanding service matched only by their dedication -  you only need to view “Our Team” profile to see the wealth of experience they have collated.


So, appointing Kingston to look after your first buy to let property or indeed your whole property portfolio, we fully understand your position as landlord and the importance of a healthy return on your investment and keeping you updated.


A bespoke and tailor made service to meet your personal requirements is important and Kingston will provide a variety of services and specifically a fully managed service at fair and competitive rates.


Our aim is to deliver the required level of rent from reliable tenants at the earliest opportunity and within your time frame. We have qualified staff, the marketing expertise and resources to do just that.


Michelle,  our experienced Maintenance and Repairs Manager with her 9 years experience managing effectively our clients property appreciate that your investments will need to be looked after and kept in good condition. That is why we at Kingston take a pro active approach to the maintenance of your properties whilst making sure you receive value for money.


We ensure we make cost effective decisions when investing landlords money in property repairs or maintenance. This is not a skill, it's the knowledge and desire to act in the best interest of our landlord. We believe attention to detail is paramount when looking after our landlords, So, how does Michelle do this?


  • A proactive response to get the job done to avoid any further deterioration and more cost.

  • All our contractors are vetted thoroughly by Michelle for their qualifications and experience to ensure our landlord receive quality workmanship.

  • Our contractors are rated by our staff after they are used. The contractors have to maintain a certain level of rank if they are to be used again.

  • Our years of experience gives us a good understanding what a job will cost however, we will ask contractors to take photographs to verify the level or amount of work that is estimated to take place.

  • You can trust us to ensure the cost of work is competitive on price.

  • Kingston do not take a commission on the cost of work like some other agents who see maintenance and repairs as an additional income opportunity.


Our employees are committed to inspiring confidence and gaining the  trust of our landlords. We are an ARLA regulated property management agent and have ARLA and RICS qualified staff. Together we have over 100 years experience.

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